Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My likes and dislikes

Hello, my name is Alivia Hauge. This year I am in fourth grade, and I'm so excited to have you as my new fifth grade teacher this year. The fifth grade will be a new chapter of my life. I will be writing you a story about my likes and dislikes of school and out of school. I hope you learn about me and my likes and dislikes. Here are some of my likes inside and outside of school. One of my favorite things to do in school is being with my friends and teachers. I love being with my friends, so don't be to surprised if I talk a little too much. (I will try not to!) I love having great teachers and talking to them about everyday stuff. Which sounds like you teachers are good at that! When I am inside school, I also like to write if you have not noticed. Writing is a good hobby to have and I guess I am pretty good at it. My favorite kind of writing is fiction. Even though I love school, I love being at home. I love to have sleepovers at home with my friends and just relax and watch movies. Having my friends over is just a blast. We just like to hang out and talk and that's what I call fun. I love being outside and my house. I will basically do anything to do with outdoors. My family loves being outdoors. I love taking nature walks and going to camp and hike. I love being outside even though it can involve being dirty. Being outside helps me stay relaxed. Now I am going to tell you about my dislikes of school and home. Some of my dislike of school are the mean bully's. We've had a lot of problems with bullying and it's not fair to the kids that get bullied. We have a lot of problems with making fun of kids, and our school is going to stop it next year. Another thing I dislike about school is running the mile run. I do not like doing that at all. It hurts. I really do not like running. It is not my thing. Some things I dislike at home are fighting with my sister. I do not like fighting with my sister because I normally get in trouble. It is not fun fighting. I also dislike cleaning my room. Cleaning my room is so boring. Cleaning is okay but cleaning my room is terrible. I normally have a messy room so it is hard for me to clean it and I can not stay on task easily while cleaning my room. I really dislike cleaning my room and I think you got the point. Writing my story meant a lot to me so I hope you like my story that I wrote. I have had a great time in fourth grade and looking forward to fifth grade. I have learned a lot of good thing throughout fourth grade that I can take with me next year and maybe all my life. Which, hope you enjoyed my story about my likes and dislikes and I am so EXCITED to be in your classes next year and I hope you will enjoy me being in your class! I am very ready for fifth grade!

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