Thursday, January 16, 2014

Snow Fort

Hi! I'm Alivia. I am in Mr. E's 2014 class. This year we are making to snow forts while learning area, perimeter and volume. I am going to try to convince you to come to my snow fort, and not anyone else's because of the amazing and awesome details were going to put in to it. Our size of our fort is going to be the perfect size because it will be able to fit 23 people in the fort with all their snow gear on. It will also fit five people laying down both ways with their snow gear on. Our snow fort has a perimeter of 44 feet, an area of 102 feet squared, and the volume is 720 feet cubed. I think it will be a great size. One of our amazing details about our fort is that we are going to have a fireplace inside. Our fireplace will be made with snow and the snow is going to be colored with food coloring. I was thinking about making it look like a fireplace. We could use colored ice sickles to make it look like flames. One more thing, that I think is awesome is that we are going to have snow furniture so you could relax there. There might be some snow beanbags. I think the furniture is a very good idea because if you've been working hard this will be the perfect place to relax. The shape of our snow fort is basically a square with a bump to enter the fort. Its pretty basic but basic is the way to go so it's not to hard to build and we have a better chance to get the measurements right. As a team, we work together to help each other get the job done. We all have different jobs. Our snow fort walls will be very sturdy because some people will fill in the cracks and we may double the walls. My job will either be a measurer or snow block maker. I think our snow fort should win and not anyone else's because it's a cool shape and has a realistic looking fireplace. That's why I think my snow fort should be the winner. I hope you can visualize it and it looks amazing.