Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving Day

On a cold Thanksgiving Morning I was driving to Bethany Mo. to go see my grandma.  When we were crossing the border I could tell my mom was turning off the air conditioner because it was not to cold outside. Once I got there, a bunch of my family was already there. I caught up with my family until lunch was ready. Then it was time for our feast. We had golden brown Turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, noodles, ham and cranberry's. It was delicious. Once everyone was done we had  dessert. I had chocolate pie and this angel food cake with pudding and strawberries. I was stuffed. Then I played games and ate bits of food. On Thursday night we went black Friday shopping for a while. Then when we came back to my grandma's, we watched some Family Feud. Then I had to go to bed. On Friday morning I woke up and watched a show. Then I ate breakfast. Then family started coming. And then this girl named Journey and her mom Shawn came. Once we were done eating leftovers, I painted Journey's nails. Then she had to go and that's when we started smelling this burning smell.  So we called this guy named Dan and we found out the smell was coming from the hot water heater. So we took the water heater out. Then our cousins Bryson, Joe and Logan came. I played with them until about three o-clock. Then there mm Amy brought her [thirty-one] bags in and my mom bought me a daisy print bag. Then I had supper. We had deer meat that my aunt Carey made. Then we hung out until about ten. Then I went to bed. On Saturday morning I crochet a dish cloth and then I started reading a book called the Rock stars Daughter. Then I had Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast. It was sweet and sugary. Then I went and bought some Christmas presents. I ate some lunch and then I had to head on home. When I got home, I put up Christmas decorations and my elf on the shelf came. That's what I did over Thanksgiving break. It was a blast to see my mom's family!

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