Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stranded on an Island

It was a beautiful, warm summer day and Cecilia called up her friends and asked them to take a boat ride on the ship with Captain Jake. Captain Jake was Cecilia's uncle.  Most of her friends wanted to came on a boat ride. So when everyone arrived, they started sailing. They got to the middle of the ocean eating junk food and Cecilia said, "I am going to run to the bathroom."  Really she didn't have to go to the bathroom, she really wanted to go see the animals in the ocean. When she looked around she saw a dolphin. So Cecilia couldn't take it anymore she, had to jump in and get the dolphin. So that's what she did, she jumped in and rode on the slippery grayish dolphin. Her friends and Captain Jake did not realize, so they kept on going. And yes after the boat left the area she was lost. Cecilia did not know the boat had left. After about an hour Cecilia said, my friend I have to get back on my boat my friends think that I am going to the bathroom. So she left. Cecilia looked and looked and looked, but she could not find them. By the end of the day Cecilia was so tired. The closest place there was about a mile away.  She swam the mile and by the time she got there she was so tired that she found a sunny spot and went to bed. When she finally woke up she saw a girl starring at her, at first Cecilia thought did someone come and rescue me? The girl that was standing beside her asked "What's your name?" and Cecilia said, "My name is Cecilia. What's your name" The girl said" My name is Briley and it's nice to meet you?" Cecilia wanted to call for the dolphin but she could not because she did not have a name for her. Luckly, the dolphin came back to the island. Cecilia said "If I ever need you I will call your name and your name is Sailor." Sailor must have heard what she said because she made a sound. That made Cecilia feel super loved and special. Cecilia hopped on Sailor's back and said let's take and adventure. Sailor took Cecilia under water. Once they were about 5 feet deep she said "but wait can we have one more person on your back?" And guess what Sailor said "Sure I would love to have one more person on my back." They got back to the island and Cecilia asked Briley do you want to take a serious adventure, it will be super fun and we can get some food. Briley said are you sure you have enough room and if you do I would love to take an adventure with you. That is what they did. Once they got back to shore it was getting darker, the two girls worked together to start a fire. Sailor stayed in that area with them all night. Once they woke up it was about nine o-clock. They caught some fish with the help of each other and Sailor. Over time they became best friends. On a daily basis they would wake up and go fish. Today was different because they found a turtle. It was a sea turtle. They named him Nolan. And a couple days later the girls woke up and found eggs from the turtle. Some of the eggs had no turtles in them so they got to eat them. They were so tired of eating fish because they ate it every day. Once they had one bite of that egg they felt like having a dance party because that taste fit their craving. Luckly half of the eggs had nothing in the so they had enough eggs for about a week. They were so happy. Once they ran out of eggs they had to find a different kind of food because they were so tired of fish. Fish was the last thing on the list on what they wanted to eat. So Sailor took them both on an adventure to find food, they looked all afternoon and no luck. So Briley had and idea, her idea was to look for more turtle eggs tomorrow morning at dawn. Cecilia thought it was a great idea. Cecilia mumbled to herself how stupid of me that I could not think of that idea. So the next day that's what they did. Right before dawn they woke up and got to the shore of the beach and looked for eggs. With the work together they found about fifteen eggs. Once they got about that many eggs, the girls went back to the island that their staying at and went back to sleep. Once they woke up it was about ten o-clock. After they were all alert they took the most amazing trip in their hole trip being alone. Briley most not have been sleeping that long because when Cecilia woke up she told her you want to know what I just saw, Cecilia didn't even have time to answer because right away Briley started telling what she saw. This is what she said, when you fell asleep I was still awake and I started hearing this strange sound and I started thinking about it and I found out it was a blue whale. So I walked to the end of the island and guess what I saw, I saw this baby Blue Whale. It was so cute! I fell in love at the first moment I saw it. I was so close to taking it to this island. But I didn't because I knew it was the right thing. So I talked to her and I named her Breil Ava. Do you think it's a cute name Briley asked Cecilia. And then I came back and took a nap. So Sailor took them to the spot and they saw that blue whale but she didn't see them so Briley called her name and she turned around and she saw him. So Briley told her to follow us. So she did. And once we got  back to the island we fed her and played with Sailor, Nolan and now Breill Ava.  And after a while Cecilia noticed how thirsty she was because she had not drank in like... weeks. So she had no choice but to drink out of the very salty water. So she did and that night she did not feel to well so she had to come up with an idea. So she told Briley what happened and again came up with an idea to get water by swimming until we get to shore and there is a drinking fountain up there. So the next day they swam that five mile and drank for about an hour of and on and swam just around the shallow past for a while playing mermaids. They swam back and the day wore them out. So they were like you know what let's just go to bed. So they found a worm spot and went to bed. When they woke up they saw this huge boat about a mile away and they thought that must just be a cruise ship. So about an hour later the cruise ship stopped on that island. A man with a nice looking outfit came out and said "Are your guys names Briley and Cecilia?" The girls had to say yes. So the man said come on girls we have to take you home. The girls hopped on the boat and had a conversation with the man. His name Justin. He was very nice to the girls. So once they reached land the girls SCREAMED were home. So Justin them took them home in a limo. When they got home Cecilia said " Dad I missed you and I love you.  Cecilia called all her friends and said I miss you and I'm glad I'm back home. So the next day Cecilia came to school and everyone missed her. Even her teacher that was super careless! And I guess that's how I have to end my story!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving Day

On a cold Thanksgiving Morning I was driving to Bethany Mo. to go see my grandma.  When we were crossing the border I could tell my mom was turning off the air conditioner because it was not to cold outside. Once I got there, a bunch of my family was already there. I caught up with my family until lunch was ready. Then it was time for our feast. We had golden brown Turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, noodles, ham and cranberry's. It was delicious. Once everyone was done we had  dessert. I had chocolate pie and this angel food cake with pudding and strawberries. I was stuffed. Then I played games and ate bits of food. On Thursday night we went black Friday shopping for a while. Then when we came back to my grandma's, we watched some Family Feud. Then I had to go to bed. On Friday morning I woke up and watched a show. Then I ate breakfast. Then family started coming. And then this girl named Journey and her mom Shawn came. Once we were done eating leftovers, I painted Journey's nails. Then she had to go and that's when we started smelling this burning smell.  So we called this guy named Dan and we found out the smell was coming from the hot water heater. So we took the water heater out. Then our cousins Bryson, Joe and Logan came. I played with them until about three o-clock. Then there mm Amy brought her [thirty-one] bags in and my mom bought me a daisy print bag. Then I had supper. We had deer meat that my aunt Carey made. Then we hung out until about ten. Then I went to bed. On Saturday morning I crochet a dish cloth and then I started reading a book called the Rock stars Daughter. Then I had Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast. It was sweet and sugary. Then I went and bought some Christmas presents. I ate some lunch and then I had to head on home. When I got home, I put up Christmas decorations and my elf on the shelf came. That's what I did over Thanksgiving break. It was a blast to see my mom's family!