Monday, November 25, 2013

My Favorite Place

My favorite place is Sky Zone. Sky Zone is a place where you can come and enjoy a family trip wile jumping on trampolines. There are like fife different things you can do while jumping on trampolines . The different things are a dodge ball court , foam pit, basketball, just jumping and younger kids area for dodge ball. When you're there they play music but all you can hear is people screaming. When I'm there jumping I feel like I'm in my own world with a bunch a weird people. This place is in Des Moines in a huge building. When you just get there it smells like rubber but after a while you get used to it. The reason why I love this place is because you can just have a time of your life and get exercise at the same time. I hope you try to go to Sky Zone sometime. It's a blast!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Alivia's and Emeny's conversation

I went over to Emeny. Emeny said, "I am having my friend Megan over tonight!" "I said wow I wish I could come",said Alivia

Thursday, November 14, 2013

This week

This week is I liked program practice. Program practice is when were perfecting or program called  The Holly Jolly Pirates. I is super fun. We have six songs. My favorite song is HOT HOT HOT.  It so funny. I also like listing to the solo's and the speaking parts. Our head song is Hola from Pintaville. They are good movements to Jolly Feiasta. Thats my highlight of the week!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Sign of the Beaver

                                                                            Day 1
Day one was about a boy names Matt who is to live by himself for seven weeks and is to watch over the corn fields. So he is trying to learn to survive by himself. Matt and his dad built a cabin and Maine. How he kept track of the days was cutting of notches and put them on sticks. He could put seven notches on a stick and that represented a week. His dad left him with a rifle and a watch. The rifle was for keeping himself save and to pass time. He also had to learn to get his own food. He also thought to himself actually I like staying at home by myself.Someone said to him don't waste you gun powder because if you do you will not have enough for the hole seven weeks.
                                                                        Day 2
Day two was about a stranger coming and Matt let the stranger in the cabin. The stranger asked a lot of questions. The stranger was talking about what he did with the Native Americans. Matt was worried that maybe he was a murder or something like that. Matt also wondered why he was in a rush. Matt went to sleep and when he woke up his dad's rifle was gone. He also was trying to find his own food and then he see's the door swing open. He dropped all his stuff and ran  to his cabin. He thinks it might be a stranger and then he thought the stranger would not do that so he thought it might be a Native American or maybe a bear. Matt was so hungry so he went to a bee hive. Matt pick off a piece of honey and and ate it. Matt got stung by bee's a couple times. Then he fell in water and started drowning and he felt unconscious and an native american came and picked him up like a baby. A Native American took Matt to his house and Matt felt alone because the Native American left then the Native American came back and gave Matt bitter medicine. Then luckily fell asleep.
                                                                 Day 3
Day 3 is about Matt got treated with moccasins and Matt was going to trade the Native American back with a book but the Native American but the Native American did not take it because he could not read.The Native American said if you teach me how to read that will be my gift from you. So Matt decided to teach the Native American the A,B,C's and Matt god super tired of teaching the Native American because it might take Matt a year for him to teach the Native American the A,B,C's.
                                                                 Day 4
Day 4 is about Matt telling Attean the story of the gut who fell of the ship and saved his own life. It was also about the white boy telling Attean the story of the canoe and Attean got mad and said he would never be his slave. The last chapter we read was about Matt trying to catch fish and when a fish bit his hook the hook broke so Attean made him a new hook and the was the first time Matt saw Attean smile.