Friday, October 25, 2013

Camping at Hidden Acres

   Have you ever been to Hidden Acres Christian Center?  Well, if not it is a blast and you should join the party. It was a journey of my lifetime and I will be going back next year.
    When we got in the car I was kind of nervous and excited at the same time.I was more excited than than nervous. When I got there one of my counselor Randellyn took me to my cabin. My cabin number was ten.  My counselors names are Crystal, Randellyn and Faith. 
    Once everyone arrived to camp we went and ate supper.  For supper we had hot dogs, cookies, veggies and fruit. Then, after supper we talked about rules and got to know each other. Sadly, after that we had to go to bed.
    In the morning we got up and ready. Then we went to eat breakfast. After breakfast we went to chapel.  We learned a lot at chapel.  Then it was lunch. Lunch was delicious! Then it was free time.  In free time we went to the tower. The tower is a zip line, a rock tower and a giant swing.  My favorite thing at the tower is the giant red swing. Then it was probably about dinner time.  After dinner we played a game.  Chapel was next.  Then we got showered up and went to bed.
     At seven o clock we got up and ready. After we were all ready we got up we went to breakfast.  Breakfast was a fun time to talk with my friends.  Then it was devotion time.  That's when we talk about God with just our cabin.  After we got our picture done. Then it was chapel.  Chapel is the best time at camp.
Then it was time at our cabin. Then it was lunch.  In my free time I went to the tower with my friends Nora, Emeny and Chloe. I went on the zip line and walked back with mud socks.  We invented mud socks. Mud socks are when you step in mud and it looks like you have brown socks on. After we were done at the tower we went back to our cabin. We went to supper then we had chapel. After chapel we played bonkers.  Then we got showered and up and went to bed.
     When we woke up we got ready and we ate breakfast like normal.Then we went to chapel. After chapel we had devotions. Then we went back to our cabin. After that we went to lunch. Lunch was good. After lunch we went to the lake. At the lake we swam, went boating, blobbed each other and went rope swinging. It was a blast. And that was like our day every day. 
             The End 

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