Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Time I Learned How To Do A Cartwheel

I am going to tell you to how I learned to do a cartwheel. A cartwheel is a like make a star with your body and turn your body at the same time. I always want to learn how to do a cartwheel and finally my dream came true. How to do a cartwheel. My mom actually taught me how to do a cartwheel. I kept trying til I did it. I was about 4 years old. I learned in my back yard and I still practice today. So if you have a dream and you want to get to that dream than work for it. It is a great dream and I hope you can reach you dream.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Camping at Hidden Acres

   Have you ever been to Hidden Acres Christian Center?  Well, if not it is a blast and you should join the party. It was a journey of my lifetime and I will be going back next year.
    When we got in the car I was kind of nervous and excited at the same time.I was more excited than than nervous. When I got there one of my counselor Randellyn took me to my cabin. My cabin number was ten.  My counselors names are Crystal, Randellyn and Faith. 
    Once everyone arrived to camp we went and ate supper.  For supper we had hot dogs, cookies, veggies and fruit. Then, after supper we talked about rules and got to know each other. Sadly, after that we had to go to bed.
    In the morning we got up and ready. Then we went to eat breakfast. After breakfast we went to chapel.  We learned a lot at chapel.  Then it was lunch. Lunch was delicious! Then it was free time.  In free time we went to the tower. The tower is a zip line, a rock tower and a giant swing.  My favorite thing at the tower is the giant red swing. Then it was probably about dinner time.  After dinner we played a game.  Chapel was next.  Then we got showered up and went to bed.
     At seven o clock we got up and ready. After we were all ready we got up we went to breakfast.  Breakfast was a fun time to talk with my friends.  Then it was devotion time.  That's when we talk about God with just our cabin.  After we got our picture done. Then it was chapel.  Chapel is the best time at camp.
Then it was time at our cabin. Then it was lunch.  In my free time I went to the tower with my friends Nora, Emeny and Chloe. I went on the zip line and walked back with mud socks.  We invented mud socks. Mud socks are when you step in mud and it looks like you have brown socks on. After we were done at the tower we went back to our cabin. We went to supper then we had chapel. After chapel we played bonkers.  Then we got showered and up and went to bed.
     When we woke up we got ready and we ate breakfast like normal.Then we went to chapel. After chapel we had devotions. Then we went back to our cabin. After that we went to lunch. Lunch was good. After lunch we went to the lake. At the lake we swam, went boating, blobbed each other and went rope swinging. It was a blast. And that was like our day every day. 
             The End 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Big Island Rendezvous!

In October us fourth graders went to Albert Lee, Minnesota, to visit Big, Island, Rendezvous. It was a blast.  It was totally worth the drive! Have you ever been there?
      First, when I got there we just looked around. Then, we went to our first station. Our first station was the wooden tool maker. He showed us how to make handles for hammers. He told us the tools he uses to make the handle of the hammer. It was very interesting. It's cool how he could make a tool that could help us.  After his station was done our class, went to the flute maker.
       The first step to make a flute was to chop down a Mopane tree.  Then he would dig out the middle of the tree.  After he was done with that he would shave off the bark of the tree.  The last step was to make the holes in flute. And then you are done.  The guy was also very talented at playing the flute.  The reason I say that is because he played some songs for us.  Next we went to the silversmith.
       Personally, I really did not find him that interesting but he was very good at working with silver. His jewelry was very interesting to look at.
        Finally, it was time to eat. We got to relax our legs while eating. My legs hurt from walking and standing all morning. Even though walking hurt my legs it was a nice exercise.  After my mom, Chloe and I were done eating we went SHOPPING!  I bought a turtle ring, rock candy and a necklace. Shopping is one of my favorite thing but the bad part was the smell.  It smelled horrible but overall shopping was a blast! After our free time we went to the medicine lady.
        She was my favorite station by far because I learned about one of my dreams to become a nurse or doctor. (And mostly about our skin and I dream to be a dermatologist) What I think was cool that she taught me how to make lotion, cream for burns and what to do if you had a sore throat.{If I lived in that time I would be a medicine lady}
          Our last station was the blacksmith. He made this hanger type thing with very hot fire and metal. It was very cool. Plus he had a huge air pedal that made the fire. He was very phenomenal!
          Overall us fourth graders had a fantastic time.  I hope in your free time you choose to go to Big Island Rendezvous!

Thursday, October 3, 2013


I do cheer.  It’s very fun.  But it takes a loud voice so loud that you pretty much have to yell.  My cheer coach is Sierra Gustofun.  We practice Tuesday and Thursday from  p.m. to 7 p.m.  It takes a lot of practice to get the cheer, chant or dance down.  Would you put the effort into cheer?  I do.  I cheer every Sunday for two games. It’s a huge commitment. It takes up the whole Sunday afternoon.  We have a dance to the song Appaulas by Lady Gaga.  Altogether we have probably learned twenty five different cheers or chants.  My favorite cheer is roll it shake it.  It goes like this.  Roll it shake it victory let’s take it.  I also like the greeting cheer. It goes like this.  Jump in jump out introduce yourself.My name is Alivia ya. I’m a lion yas.  I’m a cheerleader ya. And I like to shimmy alright alright alright.  We normally do that before our games.  We all travel to different games.  Personally my favorite chant is L-I-O-N-S clap clap clap. Cheer is fun because you can cheer on the boys to get them to have good attitude about about them even if they lost the game.  In cheer you get a uniform, pom-poms, hair bows and if you want cheer shoes.  Cheerleading is an awesome exercise.  If you get bored easily than you would probably get a little bored of just standing there and watching the game.  The hardest part of cheering are the push-ups.  We practice in the field by the middle school.  I love to do stunts, baskets, and thigh stands.  It looks phenomenal after you can do it perfectly.  My team colors are black, gold and  little white.  My cheer uniform is a yellow t-shirt, black shorts and a huge white bow.  Cheering takes a lot of time and effort and you need to keep saying positive things to yourself.  In my cheer squad every time we don’t listen or say I can’t do this.  We have to do ten v-ups.  {Which is very hard and takes a lot of practice}  So if you have never tried cheer lessons.  Try it now !!! It’s a blast!!!

By Alivia