Friday, September 6, 2013

My 6th Birthday

                                              My 6th birthday!!!!

On my 6th birthday I had like a makeover birthday.  I do not quite remember who came. I remember that my mom and and a girl from my church.  I do not quite remember what her name is because she is japppenze.  A coulpe of those girls I still keep in touch with.  Like Sindhu and Casey. I think Casey is in Jouiner high and Sindhu is in 5th grade.  Casey lives in Ballord Huxley Iowa and Sindhu lives in Dellowher Whasting.  Oh and I forgot about two more girls. There names are Della and Josie.  They both live in Ames.  What I did at the birthday partiy was we painted nails,did hair,  and did makeup.  I was a blast!  Thats all I rember about my sixth birthday!

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