Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I do cheer.  It's very fun.  My cheer coach is Sierra Gustafson.  We practice Tuesday and Thursday  from 6  p.m.  to 7 p.m.  It takes a lot of practice to get the cheer, chant or dance down. I cheer every Sunday for 2 games.  It takes the whole Sunday afternoon.  We have a dance to the song applause by Lady Gaga.  We have probably learned about 25 cheers or chants.  My favorite cheer is roll it shake it. I also like the greeting cheer. It goes like this jump in jump out introduce yourself my name is Alivia ya and I'm a lion ya I'm a cheerleader ya and I like to shimmy alright alright alright. We normally do that before a game. We travel to different towns. Personally my favorite chant is L-I-O-N-S clap clap clap. Cheer is good and fun because you can cheer on the boy to get them to have a good attitude even if they lost the game. In cheer you get a uniform, pop-poms, hair bows and if you want maybe cheer shoes. Cheer leading can get a little boring when you have to just stand there and watch. The other things I don't like are push ups after touchdowns. I love to do stunts and thigh stands and baskets. My team colors are black, gold and a little white. Cheering takes a lot of effort and you need to keep saying postive things to yourself. In my cheer squad every time we don't listen or say I can't do this we have to do 10 v-ups. {wicth is very hard and takes a lot of enegry} So if you have never cheered try it out. IT'S A BLAST!!!!!!!!!

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